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Bodpave 40 Black

From £8.40
Product Code: 150WW4090

Terram BodPave 40 grass pavers are an interlocking cellular paving grid system for grass and ground reinforcement applications where there is regular pedestrian or vehicle use. BodPave 40 permeable paving grids can be installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface and allow full rainwater penetration. Manufactured from UV stabilised 100% recycled HDPE, in black or green, BodPave 40 plastic pavers are strong, chemically inert & non-toxic, enabling them to provide a durable, safe & sustainable eco-friendly surface for trafficked areas. Designed for applications such as:

• Grass & Gravel Car Parks
• Overflow Car Parks
• Emergency/HGV Service Access Routes
• Aircraft Taxiways & Helipads
• Pedestrian Walkways
• Wheelchair / Disabled Access Routes
• Golf Buggy Paths
• SUDS Source Control

TERRAM® BODPAVE 40 ground pavers are a strong interlocking plastic grid paving system for reinforcing grassed areas for overspill car parks, driveways, pathways, emergency access routes and lawns.

Bodpave® is manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene and is UV stabilised. The grids pavers can be filled with soil and grassed as the octagonal honeycomb cell structure and open base promotes unrestricted root growth, or can be filled with gravel giving a high quality decorative look. The hexagonal cell structure will retain the gravel and prevent loss or gravel displacement.

The paving grids are ideal for driveways and for gravel or grass car parks. The paving system is the perfect solution for car parking for on grass that constantly becomes worn, muddy or rutted. Perfect for Grass car parks, lawn reinforcement, farm gateway entrances, grass roads, grass access routes and golf buggy paths. BODPAVE 40 ground paver units are easily connected using the pre-moulded connection pegs to the fixing loops (all part of the grid itself - no loose bits!).

 BODPAVE 40 offers a very strong reinforced stable ground surface and should be laid on well drained sustainable ground. The grids need installing onto a geogrid or geotextile covered by a layer of gravel bedding. BODPAVE 40 is a strong gridforce ground reinforcement system. Can be used as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)


500mm x 500mm x 40mm Tile Size

4 Tiles Per Sqm


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