Green-tech launches new gtSedum Green Roof Cassettes Green-tech launches new gtSedum Green Roof Cassettes
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Green-tech launches new gtSedum Green Roof Cassettes

Green-tech, the award winning landscaping supplies company has expanded its green roof product range to include the new gtSedum Roof Cassettes. Designed specifically for extensive green roof installations, the new cassettes can convert a roof into a lush sedum green roof simply and effectively.


Incorporating a minimum of 8 types of sedum into each individual cassette, the new system is designed to provide an instant and practical solution to green roofs. Sedum is the ideal choice for extensive green roofs, as it requires minimal maintenance, is drought tolerant and requires a minimal substrate layer. It is a well-rooted, low-growing plant therefore it is ideal for the harsh, open environments typically associated with green roofs.   Green roofs are quickly becoming a great resource for urban greening and conversions of large open roof spaces, with the evolution of sedum cassettes green roofs are achievable for all.


The installation process is straightforward, the cassettes are designed to simply fit together to any formation required. Each cassette incorporates a drainage layer to aid capillary action and a filter layer to ensure that the lightweight substrate is not washed away. The lightweight substrate has been specifically developed for use in green roof installations with controlled levels of fertility to support sedum growth.


Chris Swan, Technical & Export Manager at Green-tech commented:


‘The new sedum cassettes, are a great find and we are already receiving great feedback from customers. For our customers wishing to explore the green roof market for their clients, this is a system that has all of the crucial elements of a successful green roof combined in convenient cassette. The system is simple to install, saving both time and resource than more traditional green roof build ups.  The product is widely used and recommended in Europe it is the ideal addition to Green-tech’s comprehensive green roof product range.’

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