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The gt Hedera Green Screen is the latest product available from Green-tech.  It is a 1.8m living fence, consisting of a metal grid covered with plants to give an instant Green Screen.   The metal grid is folded at the bottom to accomm...
It has been announced that grounds works and building has started at the new Green-tech site, to be known as Rabbit Hill, and a moving in date has been set.   10th October 2015 will see the Green-tech operation moving into their new site i...
We are delighted to announce that Green-tech has achieved ISO9001 & ISO 14001 standards for the 4th successive year.   ISO 9001 is a Quality Management Standard that aims to help organisations become and remain structured and efficient...
    Award winning topsoil manufacturer, Green-tree has added a new production site to its portfolio of topsoil hubs across the UK.   The new site in Scrooby, Doncaster will produce the high quality and consistent topsoi...
Overview Haley Mattinson and Judit Koetsruiter bought a house in Witham, Essex without a fence or hedge boundary between their property and the neighbouring farmer’s field. They also had a lot of rubble to dispose of after knocking down wall...
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