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Green-tech weeds out the best

Green-tech’s Chris Swan and Dean Jackson add another string to their bow after passing the Basis Registration Invasive and Injurious Weeds Skill Area Exam.


Dean is an Area Sales Manager and Chris is our Technical and Export Manager. Both have a wealth of industry and product knowledge and are already members of the BASIS Professional register.


They recently added to their skill set after successfully passing the Invasive and Injurious Weeds Skill Area Exam and are now qualified to advise and recommend product options for weed management and eradication.

L to R: Chris Swan, Richard Kay, Dean Jackson and Rachel Kay

The course syllabus is designed for anyone advising or consulting on the use of products for the control of non-native and injurious species.  Dean and Chris now have extensive understanding and can advise on the options for control by mechanical, structural, chemical and biological means and the merits of each, taking into account the surroundings and environment which includes maintaining water quality.

They can offer guidance on the rules and requirements for the correct disposal of individual invasive species and the infested waste and how planning, landscaping and other elements related to the control of invasive weeds can be incorporated into control plans.


Sales Director Ian Rotherham comments,


“This qualification has enhanced our expertise and customers can tap into this.  Chris and Dean are now able to advise on how invasive weeds can be identified; how they develop, spread and reproduce; the products available for control and the implications of each control option. They know our product range inside out and will help a customer decide the most appropriate solution for their project.”          
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