Green-tech Gardening Tips

Green-tech Gardening Tips

The current climate is a very uncertain time for many, it is difficult to keep yourself busy and your mind occupied whilst staying at home, however, the perfect way to do this is through gardening.

Green-tech provide a wide variety of gardening products which you can order from our website, and in this Blog we will share some free gardening tips for you to get your garden looking brand new.

Gardening is not only a good way to get yourself out of the house, but it also offers many benefits to your mental health as well as your physical health.Now is the perfect time to start showing your garden some love due to the weather improving and the days getting longer.

Firstly, if you have weeds growing in your garden now would be the best time to mulch and remove them due to the drier conditions.You would especially want to do this if you have a lawn that you want to maintain efficiently.

As briefly mentioned above, mowing the lawn should now become a regular feature of your gardening routine.It is better to wait for drier days to do this, and ensure you are hoeing and mulching any weeds that may be growing along with the mowing.

If you want to add colour to your garden, you should consider planting summer-flowering bulbs now in order to give them sufficient time to grow effectively and be in their prime come the summer months.

John Chambers Wildflower Seeds is a part of the Green-tech brand that stocks a wide variety of wildflower seeds and garden flower bulbs, so be sure to visit their website to pick out the perfect summer flowers for your garden.

Pests such as slugs and other insects or animals become more frequent once the temperature increases, so it is also important to ensure that you are being vigilant, and using safe pest repellents where necessary to protect your plants.

If you have a pond feature in your garden and you had a heating system turned on over the winter, now would be the ideal time to consider switching the heater off due to the warmer temperatures.

If you are considering installing a pond in your garden, Flexible Lining Products (FLP) is a part of the Green-tech brand and provides everything you would need to install the right pond for you.

Gardening is something that can keep you healthy and also keep you busy which is why we believe it is a good hobby to take up now.If you have any queries regarding any of the gardening products that we provide, you can contact our team on 01423 332100.

Alternatively you can email any enquiries to and our team will get back to you when possible.

Posted on 26 Mar 2020