Green-tech supply rural tree planting products for largest Solar Park in Kent

Green-tech supply rural tree planting products for largest Solar Park in Kent

Orchard Groundcare Ltd who are a specialist national Solar Park landscape contractor has been responsible for the seeding and planting at one of Britain’s biggest solar farms. They won the contract to manage the landscaping and maintenance of the site which is located in South East England and is capable of powering the whole of Herne Bay. The huge solar farm is set over eight fields which cover a total of 213 acres.

Green-tech was asked to supply 13,500 spirals and canes, 1650 mesh guards and stakes and 4000 Tubex shelters and stakes to Orchard Groundcare. The site was subject to reseeding with a mix of grasses and wildflowers to restore and revitalise the grounds. Orchard Groundcare also planted 11,000 hedge plants and 9,500 trees which will help screen the solar panels and will also encourage biodiversity and provide a habitat for local wildlife in the future.

The largest grid connected Solar Park in the UK, located in Kent, is now fully landscaped. The landscaping was hailed a success and Green-tech have since secured a further three orders for John Chambers Wildflower Seed from Orchard Groundcare. Wildflowers are not only recognised for their beauty and appearance but the improved biodiversity and the considerable green credentials they bring to a project.

Richard Clarke, Commercial Director and Head of Solar Parks at Orchard Groundcare added:

“For a project of this size we rely on our trade partners and Green-tech provided advice and supplied canes, spirals and tree guards. We value the advice and excellent service we always get from Green-tech and their willingness to work with us. The result is we have a site that we and our client are delighted with.”

Posted on 25 Jan 2018