Tollgate Retail Park Incorporates Mona Plant System

Tollgate Retail Park Incorporates Mona Plant System

The recent redevelopment of Tollgate Retail Park is a massive boost for the local area, revamping a retail area that required more parking and better walkways and access between retail units. As part of the improvements to the external landscaping and car parking area, 12 tree pits were installed incorporating the Mona Plant System.

The Mona Plant System was specifically selected for its suitability with larger planting applications, aiding healthy root development for trees planted in an urban area. The system assists quick establishment and provides a robust solution to the watering of rootballed trees. Four linked reservoirs surround the rootball and store water for the tree to take up as and when required.

The system works on the process of capillary action, where capillary legs within the reservoirs provide outlets for the water to be absorbed by the soil. As the tree’s roots develop they take up the water through this capillary process, ensuring only the amount of water required is absorbed eliminating over-watering and water wastage. The system links to a filler pipe at ground level that can be refilled through a periodic maintenance programme, the filler pipe also admits oxygen through the subterranean system aerating the soil surrounding the rootball.

The 12 Italian Alders incorporated into the scheme are performing well and take pride of place in the car parking areas of the development.

Posted on 25 Jan 2018