Green-tech Provides Protection For Over 6,000 Trees and Shrubs At New Urban Village

Green-tech Provides Protection For Over 6,000 Trees and Shrubs At New Urban Village

Project: Linmere Park

Location: Houghton Regis, Luton

Client: Land Improvement Holdings

Contractor: Frosts Landscape

Landscape Architect: Barton Willmore

Product/Services Supplied: Spiral Guards, Shrub Shelters, Mesh Guards, Stakes and Soil Conditioner


Linmere Park is an exciting new ‘urban village’ situated on Green Belt land to the North of Houghton Regis near Luton, close to the new J11A of the M1. The ethos of this new centre for South Befordshire is all about well-being, and healthy outdoor living. Over the next fifteen years more than 5,000 homes are planned, along with four new schools: three primary and one secondary. What sets this development apart is the refreshing amount of green space.

The role of ‘design lead’ was awarded to Barton Willmore, one the UK’s leading architectural practices. They worked with Land Improvement Holdings and their partners to deliver a vision to fulfil a need for more sustainable housing, as well as providing a versatile environment centred around core social values, health, and well-being.

To achieve this, over 30% of the entire site has been allocated to open space for sports, recreation, amenity, and the enhancement of biodiversity. This equates to a total of 192 acres (78ha) of green space, as opposed to the traditional 6-acre provision. With tree lined pedestrian and cycle routes linking various parts of the development, the emphasis is on safe access to green space for all members of the


Frosts and Green-tech Involvement:

One of the UK’s longest standing landscape contractors, Frosts Landscape Construction was awarded the landscaping and ground works. Much of which involved the ground preparation for the grassed areas as well as planting of several thousand trees and shrubs. To protect the newly planted saplings from wildlife damage and the environment, 500 spiral tree guards were supplied, along with over 6,000 shrub shelters and mesh tree guards.

The last thing any contractor wants when they have planted several thousand trees, is for them to be decimated by the local animal population! Green-tech’s Tubex Shrubshelters help in the early years of planting, offering excellent protection from grazing wildlife, whilst providing a micro-climate within the shelter to aid early growth and healthy establishment. The Shrubshelters also have an integrated tie for quick and easy stake fixing and can be collected and recycled as part of the Tubex recycling scheme.

For the plants that need a bit more room, the Mesh Tree Guard has a 12mm plastic netting with an open structure that allows airflow and more natural climatic conditions, whilst still protecting the young tree from grazing animals.

Having worked with Frosts for over 15 years, Green-tech was delighted to be able to supply all the necessary guards and shelters from stock. We also supplied over 7,000 tree stakes, controlled release fertiliser and Mycorrhiza Rootgrow.

George Mowbray, Operations Manager from Frosts Landscape Construction comments, “This is a fantastic green project and vision of what all new developments will hopefully look like in the future. When planting so many trees and shrubs it is vital to have a supplier that you know and trust, to supply the goods when and where you need them. We can always rely on Green-tech to deliver what we need.”

Jordan Webster, a Green-tech Key Account Manager adds, “It is always a pleasure to work with Frosts, especially on such a ground-breaking development, and we look forward to supplying all the necessary products to help the trees and plants get the best start in their new surroundings as the site develops.”

Images c/o Frosts Landscape

Posted on 20 Jan 2022