Green-tech Supplies Products for Flintshire County Council Air Quality Monitoring Project

Green-tech Supplies Products for Flintshire County Council Air Quality Monitoring Project

Project:Air Quality Improvement Project at Ysgol Croes Atti Primary School

Location:Shotton, North Wales

Client:Flintshire County Council

Installer:Wildbanks Conservation

Product supplied:Green screens, Bespoke Planters, Irrigation, Green-tree topsoil

Green-tech Supplies Products for Flintshire County Council Air Quality Monitoring Project

Leading landscape supplier Green-tech has recently collaborated with Flintshire County Council on an environmental initiative aimed at monitoring and improving the air quality at Ysgol Croes Atti Primary School

Project Overview

The Primary School is located within an urban area of Shotton, North Wales with busy roads close by. The project involved the installation of living green screens to mitigate air pollution and enhance green spaces within the school grounds. After reading a study on how living screens can absorb particulate matter emitted from vehicles, Flintshire County Council decided it would be a worthwhile investment to help create more green space within an urban area whilst simultaneously helping capture particulate matter within the living screens.

The Air Quality Monitoring Project at Ysgol Croes Atti was initiated in response to concerns about air pollutants emitted from nearby busy roads. The project aims to create a greener environment while capturing and reducing airborne pollutants.

Green-tech's Involvement

Green-tech was chosen due to their extensive experience regarding projects like this one, having completed similar projects for other local counties with great success.

For this project, Green-tech supplied a comprehensive range of products, including:

  • 45 Hedra Helix Woerner Ivy Screens, designed to absorb particulate matter and other pollutants.
  • 45 Bespoke Green Screen Planters, available in any RAL K7 classic colour, in polished, matt, textured matt, and natural finishes adding aesthetic value to the project.
  • 45 Mona Tanks, supplying irrigation which is essential for maintaining the health and growth of the ivy screens.
  • 16 Bulk Bags of Green-tree Topsoil, high-quality topsoil to ensure optimal plant growth.

Project Implementation and Data Collection

Wildbanks Conservation, a leading organisation in practical conservation, ecology, and environmental education, installed the green screens for this project that followed a rigorous approach:

  • Baseline Data Collection: Before the green screen installation, three months of air quality data was collected to establish baseline levels of particulate matter and other pollutants.
  • Installation of Living Screens: The living screens were installed across the gated area of the school, creating a green barrier.
  • Post-Installation Data Collection: After installation, further data will be collected and compared to the baseline data to assess the impact of the green screens on air quality.

The Outcome

Flintshire County Council anticipates that the post-installation test data will show reduced air pollutants on the school grounds. This data will be crucial in determining the effectiveness of the green screens in reducing air pollutants on the school grounds. The project at Ysgol Croes Atti aims to improve air quality and serve as a model for integrating green infrastructure in urban educational settings.

Green-tech’s Account Manager James Renfrew comments, “Green-tech's involvement in the Ysgol Croes Atti Green Screen Project highlights the importance of using innovative solutions to address urban environmental challenges. By combining practical conservation efforts with advanced air quality monitoring, this project aims to create healthier and greener school environments.”

Posted on 03 Jun 2024