Green-tech supply Ivy Green Screens for a Harrogate Garden to give instant results

Ivy green screen instant privacy fencing Harrogate

Eternal Lawns, a professional artificial grass installation company based in Morley, were hired by a property developer to install a York-stone patio and artificial grass. The large garden needed to be separated into three, one for each of the apartments. Eternal Lawns recommended the use of 20 one metre high ivy gt green screens from Green-tech to divide the gardens in Harrogate, and give it instant impact and privacy.

The garden is located on a road just off The Stray, a beautiful public parkland in the centre of Harrogate, North Yorkshire that covers an area of 200 acres. The brief was to provide something which would maintain the natural look of the garden while tidying it up and give instant results.

The client wanted a low maintenance option that would give immediate screening and privacy but they wanted to keep foliage and life in the space. Eternal Lawns knew of Green-tech and thought the gt green screens were the perfect solution.

Green-tech’s 1.2 metre wide green screens are cost effective, quick to install and are excellent alternatives to fencing. Available in a range of heights, up to 3 metres, they are simply inserted into the ground without the requirement for planter removal and they have specially selected growing media which contains a controlled release fertiliser and wetting agent to aid prompt establishment.

Jo Hardingham from Eternal Lawns commented,

“We are specialists in installing artificial turf but we also offer landscaping services. This was a lovely job to work on and we chose Green-tech as our supplier because they were very easy to deal with, enthusiastic and passionate about the project. Jordan was extremely helpful with advice and recommendations as well as co-ordinating the delivery to suit our timescales.”

Jordan Webster, Green-tech’s Key Account Manager said,

“It was great to be approached by Eternal Lawns for this project. Providing advice and the most cost-effective solution for a landscaping project is what we’re all about. Green screens are great products to replace fencing, provide privacy and shade and they’re extremely low maintenance which is exactly why they suited this project. The results are stunning and I’ve been delighted to hear that the home owner is thrilled with the results”

Posted on 06 Mar 2018