Green-tech’s bespoke tree protection system prevents vandalism for Exeter City Council

Green-tech’s bespoke tree protection system prevents vandalism for Exeter City Council

Green-tech is the leading UK supplier of tree protection materials and offers more than 10,000 stock products. They are also the go-to company for custom design and manufacture of bespoke products to meet customer’s individual or specific needs.

Joe Morshead, Tree Manager at Exeter City Council explains, “We wanted to plant an avenue of trees along a well-used footpath in one of Exeter City Council’s Public Open spaces known as Summerway Park. Unfortunately, we have been unable to achieve this in the past due to the high incidences of anti-social behaviour and vandalism in the area.”

Joe approached Green-tech for possible solutions and requested a bespoke tree guard and anchoring system that would prevent people from pulling the tree guards over and snapping the newly planted trees.

Green-tech’s Council Sales Advisor Jamie Renfrew worked with one of their manufacturers to produce a bespoke system that would be structurally sound, fit for purpose, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Green-tech offers a huge range of Street Furniture including tree guards, for the protection of newly planted trees in an urban environment. The Dales Collection range of tree grilles and guards encompasses traditional cast iron designs through to modern, contemporary galvanized steel tree protection.

Exeter City Council chose the Wharfdale Tree Guard, which is handmade in the UK, and manufactured from UK-sourced, mild carbon steel. It is supplied in two halves, each half a fully welded construction. The two halves then bolt together around the tree forming a complete guard.

The bespoke nature of manufacture means that Green-tech can offer standard range items as well as bespoke tree guards that will meet customer’s exacting needs. In this instance, a robust and secure anchoring system was essential to the client. The Wharfdale tree guard was modified and secured into the ground using 530mm long and 40mm wide Terrabolts. This meant that the guards were being secured with screws over half a metre deep into the ground. There were four Terrabolt screws used for each guard.

“Green-tech was chosen as they were able to provide everything, we needed under one roof, including sundries and ground anchors, at a competitive price” continues Joe. “Using the heavy-duty guards, we were able to overcome the issue with vandalism, and one year on, the trees remain intact, which is largely attributed to the protection offered by the guards.”

Joe concludes, “There are many constraints to tree planting in the urban environment and vandalism often prevents us from being able to establish trees where they are most needed. By utilising the heavy metal guards, combined with the terra screw anchoring system, we were able to provide the newly planted trees with robust protection. The guards and supporting anchors were easy to install and offered an excellent solution to one of the major barriers to successful tree establishment in the city. The council is delighted with the bespoke system created for us.”

Posted on 29 Nov 2023