Green-tech's Contributes to Grantham Relief Road Landscaping

Green-tech's Contributes to Grantham Relief Road Landscaping

Project Name: Grantham Relief Road Landscaping

Location: Grantham

Client: Lincolnshire County Council

Main Contractor: Galliford Try

Landscape Contractor: Dobson's

Product/Services Supplied: Sundries including mulch mats, compost, mulch, tree guards

Images Courtesy of Dobson

Green-tech's Contributes to Grantham Relief Road Landscaping

Grantham Relief Road is a pivotal infrastructure project led by Lincolnshire County Council in collaboration with South Kesteven District Council, Homes England, and the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

With aims to improve the town's infrastructure and boost its growth. Dobson's, a family-run landscape contractor is entrusted with working alongside the Main Contractor, Galliford Try, and Green-tech to deliver the substantial landscaping package which is due for completion in 2025.

The large-scale infrastructure scheme is a new 3km distribution road and is a crucial component for the development of the town of Grantham. The route provides direct access to an employment site on the A1 which is forecast to generate over 370 jobs in the area. Opening up additional employment land along the new route will further increase the ability of the area to attract new business investment, offering employment sites with good transport links and a growing population that can provide local labour for new and growing companies.

The project aims and benefits are to:

  • Reduce congestion, disruption, and traffic delays.
  • Create a safer, more attractive and accessible town centre.
  • Provide opportunities for growth.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution.

Green-tech is a leading landscape supplier renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. With three decades of experience and a comprehensive range of products, Green-tech empowers contractors and developers to create environmentally responsible landscapes that thrive for generations to come. Renowned as the largest supplier in the UK of tree planting material and sundries, Green-tech's products are trusted by professionals across the UK for their quality, reliability, and biodegradable options.

The landscaping project includes 247,000m2 hydroseeding, planting of 17,000 woodland and shrub mix, 26,000 Native Hedge mix, and the installation of 4500 Ornamental Plants. Dobsons is providing 24 months of aftercare maintenance which includes grass cutting, weed control, and replacement planting.

Green-tech supplied all sundries including mulch mats, compost, mulch, and tree guards for this project which will aid plant survival, promote healthy growth and optimal soil health, along with enhanced moisture retention - all vital for the success of the landscaping project.

Lauren Dobson, Commercial Director at Dobson's, praised Green-tech's seamless collaboration and high-quality service, highlighting their pivotal role in upholding Dobson's reputation for flexibility and quality workmanship. “Our companies have a great history together and these relationships have been nurtured and passed down through generations. Green-tech offers a service that is hard to beat. They work seamlessly with us on projects such as Grantham Relief Road where project delays occur. They help us offer our clients the flexibility and quality workmanship that our reputation has been built on.”

The Grantham Relief Road landscaping project stands as a testament to the synergistic partnership between Dobson's and Green-tech. By harnessing innovative landscaping solutions and sustainable practices, they have transformed the town's infrastructure and paved the way for a greener, more prosperous future. Green-tech's unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability continues to set the benchmark for landscape suppliers across the UK, reaffirming their position as industry leaders in sustainable landscaping solutions.

Images Courtesy of Dobson

Posted on 16 May 2024